For over-flow storage to build inventory to levels required to ship to retail giants; including large meat and poultry, seafood and frozen food manufacturers and processors who are located throughout Canada and the United States, as well as locally.

To ensure inventory is on-hand to accommodate “specials” on weekly advertisements.

To utilize warehouse space for over-flow storage in order to take advantage of savings on mass quantity buy.

To ensure product ingredients are always available and on hand as required.

For the assembly of individual orders for furtherance to their customers, and/or large foodservice distributors for furtherance to the restaurants or institutional trades such as schools, health care facilities, cafeterias, hospitals, and/or small local distributors who sell to retail and foodservice trade.

For storage or handling of frozen commodities for furtherance upon arrival sold to the local “specialty” grocery markets and restaurants.

To perform export services in accordance within the guidelines of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency or USDA. This ensures the product shipped from Canada meets the criteria of countries prior to shipping.