Clearing customs and being able to adapt to the ever-changing laws and custom regulations in today’s global market is our number one priority. Our thorough knowledge of CFIA documentation requirements for specific countries is an asset to our clients.

We run a 24-7 temperature monitoring system so you can rest assured knowing your frozen product is safe while in our warehouse. We maintain our freezers at -18 degrees celcius or lower at all times. We are CFIA registered and HACCP approved. To belong to these organizations we follow strict procedures for receiving, shipping and maintaining acceptable frozen temperatures or we risk loss of accreditation.

Cross-dock, same day receiving and shipping and/or reassembling of contents on trailers for furtherance upon arrival or exporting is a service we offer our clients. We can save our clients’ time and money by becoming their centralized depot for delivery.

We have many clients that are seasonally based. We understand and accommodate the specific, time sensitive storage and shipping needs of these clients. We can also assist you in building up inventory until specific quantities are reached. This will help ensure that desired quantities and deadlines are met on your special yearly promotions.

Yes. Our recall system is part of Iceberg’s HACCP program. We receive email notices on a daily basis (24-7) from CFIA indicating any product recall warnings. Our process is to verify and confirm all product recalls immediately. We have programs in place to determine whether a food safety hazard or violation exists and to determine the nature and/or the extent of the problem. The information obtained provides the basis for the assessment of risk and the development of strategies to control the affected product.

Yes; our HACCP System includes sanitation programs and audit programs which have been approved by The Canadian Food Inspection Agency.